Largest TABC Discounts & Promo Codes

Promo Code /  Discount Code for Online Training Courses

The code TACO is valid and will provide a 10% discount for any of our online training.

To use the above promo code, add a course to your shopping cart, scroll over the shopping cart and click on Checkout.  One the first page of Checkout you will see the TOTAL on the right side.  Just above that there is an entry for a Promo Code.  Enter the Code then click on “Apply” and the TOTAL will be reduced by the correct percentage.

Largest TABC Discounts for Past Students:

We have even better discounts for past students.  Most businesses give special discounts to new customers to attract them but at we think it is more appropriate to reward our past students in order to maintain a loyal customer base that will continue to return year after year.  If you have taken any course at or at, send an email to or to with your name and the email address used to enroll in the course.  We will get back to you ASAP with our lowest, past-student discount code.  Thank you for your loyalty and support!  We know some students have been with us since 2001 and this is our way of showing how much we appreciate your loyalty.

TABC certification Training:
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Texas Food Handler Training:
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“By clicking Enroll Now, you will be redirected to the Learn2Serve website. As the provider of this course, Learn2Serve will ask for personally identifiable information required by TABC and necessary to complete the course. Clicking Enroll Now will not charge you any fees; however you can refuse to be transferred to this website.”


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