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Online TABC Certification

TABC Certification is alcohol Seller and Server Training for the entire State of Texas including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Be a TABC certified alcohol server and get your TABC license online. If you are thinking of becoming a bartender in Texas or simply want to further your career, taking the TABC certification will make you more marketable to employers. The new TABC online certification is approved for 2 credit hours. This course is self-paced allowing you to finish it on your own time. Printable and OFFICIAL TABC certificate is available as soon as you finish the course. TABC-approved, provider #454-508.

Use our online TABC Certification Course to get your TABC Certificate online Today!

Complete your online TABC Certification Course with no time limit.  Take as many breaks as you want.  Take long breaks or short breaks.  Take a break and start again tomorrow or the next day... or start, don’t take any breaks, and finish as fast as you want to.  After you complete the course, print your official TABC certificate.  If you loose your certificate, simply come back and print a new one.